April 2, 2023

Xiaomi doesn’t stop presenting a variety of the rearmost IoT bias that can make mortal life easier, one of which is the TWS product. Through the Redmi series, Xiaomi brings the Redmi buds 3 Lite, which is arguably the former series in great demand because of the low price and good quality for TWS in the price range of only 200 thousand.

For those of you who are curious about this TWS from Xiaomi, it’s obligatory to follow our review in the composition below.

Review Redmi buds 3 Lite Price

Before agitating the price, it turns out that the Redmi buds 3 Lite have 2 different types of colors, videlicet Black and White. Suitable for those of you who like dark colors or those who like light colors. The sanctioned price of the Redmi buds 3 Lite is IDR only, and you can find it then mi.co.id. Make sure you buy it on the functionary point and sanctioned-commerce account from Xiaomi.

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Review Redmi buds 3 Lite Specifications

In the world of TWS, specifications are also an important factor in choosing a product. Although some people prefer products with lower prices than high specifications. In the Redmi buds 3 Lite itself, the specifications are in the middle class which adjusts to the price of the product. For those of you who want to see more detailed specifications of the Redmi buds 3 Lite, it’s below then.

Bluetooth ®5.2. wireless connectivity

Communication range 10 m( open space without obstructions)

Net weight of one earbudApprox.4.2 g

Total weight including charging stage approx. 36 g

Battery life About 5 hours

Charging Stage battery life approx. 18 hours

Earbud confines24.5 x16.7 x24.6 mm

Charging stage confines 60 x 46 x23.7 mm

Type- C charging harborage


Seductive Features of Redmi buds 3 Lite

Redmi buds 3 Lite can be said to have some” luxury” features bedded in this 200 thousand TWS. First is noise-canceling for calls and clear voice quality for calls with effective anti-inference technology. Redmi buds 3 Lite uses a noise-canceling algorithm to fete and filter mortal voices and reduce background noise for a comfortable calling.

While the second is Low quiescence mode for gaming. low quiescence mode when playing games for further fun. With high sound delicacy, indeed for the faintest sound, you’ll be suitable to tell the difference between shots and steps. The third point is touch-sensitive control. Double valve, long touch, or other gestures; There are colorful controls via touch for simple, easy and effective mode switching.

The convenience of Redmi buds 3 Lite

 Starting from watching pictures, playing games, making phone calls, and colorful diurnal conditioning. It’s still in a reasonable stage if the TWS in the 200 thousand range does not have the ANC point, but the sound produced by the Redmi buds 3 Lite is clear and dispels incoming sound from outdoors.

Numerous suppose that TWS in the 200 thousand range can not give comfort, but it’s different from the Redmi buds 3 Lite which presents quite a lot of intriguing features in it. The Futureloka platoon has also tried using it with a rather long duration, it can take up to 2 or 3 hours to play music without passing observance pain problems because there’s comfortable rubber support on the observance.

Redmi buds 3 Lite Review Conclusion

To conclude the Redmi buds 3 Lite review itself, the Futureloka platoon was relatively surprised to get a cheap TWS with some luxurious features in it. Of course, recommends the Redmi buds 3 Lite for those of you who do not have a big budget and are looking for a TWS.

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