April 2, 2023

The gaming experience on smartphone devices continues to improve, and brings a variety of new features to further pamper users. Mediatek, has HyperEngine technology which is intended for device optimization when used in playing games.

This year, Mediatek’s HyperEngine technology has reached its fifth generation. And in HyperEngine 5.0, Mediatek confirmed the presence of a pretty cool new feature, namely the Ray Tracing feature.

“In the near future, we will add deferred shading with ray tracing capabilities, bringing true visuals to mobile games,” said C Hsu, Corporate VP, and GM of MediaTek’s Wireless Communications Business Unit in a press release shared by the company.

In collaboration with Arm and Tencent, Mediatek will present a gaming experience with the Ray Tracing feature through the Dimensity series, a SoC aimed at 5G smartphone devices.

As we know, ray tracing technology works by simulating every light beam in the scene in real-time on the displayed content. This technology may already be present in more powerful systems, namely on PC devices with high-end graphics card support.

However, MediaTek mentions that this feature is still in the development stage. There is no information when this feature will be officially present. However, since 2021, MediaTek has prepared an SDK toolkit for the development of Ray Tracing features for developers.

The Ray Tracing SDK, developed by MediaTek, will work with denoising technology that functions to clean up irregularities and increase visual quality.

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