April 2, 2023
We have seen that there are many smartphones launched in the first 4 months of 2022. In the middle class, many are disappointed, not only with the SoC but especially with the camera.
This is the Samsung Galaxy M33 5G, which is the successor to the Galaxy M32 which is clearly faster and has far improvements. This smartphone comes with a main camera that can record videos in 4K resolution.
4K Video Recording, What's the Use?
This smartphone can record up to 4K resolution, where for novice content creators, they can take advantage of this 4K capability, in addition to uploading videos in 4K resolution. By recording in 4K, the resulting details can be better even if uploaded in 1080p. Because the initial recording results are already larger. So when reduced to 1080p, the details are still more "contained"
Then, with 4X the number of pixels compared to 1080p video recording, we can take advantage of the results recorded in 4K for framing or cropping, without the risk of losing detail when uploading 1080p content. We can just take footage with a wide background. But sometimes we need this zoom as well to focus more on the host. Just crop it when editing video. Later when uploaded in 1080p, all the details will still be high.
Another example is if we want to create content such as Podcasts that talk together, for example. Instead of having to use 3 cameras: 1 to shoot the two speakers, 1 to the right, and 1 to the left, we can use 1 smartphone with recording settings at 4K resolution. Later in the editing process, when the one on the right is talking, we can crop it strictly to the right. When the left is talking, we can also crop tightly. Meanwhile, the normal recording would have included the two speakers.
Samsung Galaxy M33 5G
Now let's talk about the Samsung Galaxy M33 5G. Yes, after presenting the Galaxy M23 5G a few weeks ago, now Samsung is officially back with the Galaxy M33 5G! As the name implies, this is the successor of the Galaxy M32 which was introduced at the end of 2021.
This smartphone comes with a simple design, with blue, green color options, and what we are using this time is brown. The frame around the body uses a curved design, not flat like some smartphones in its class that were present in early 2022

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