April 2, 2023

Subsidized and non-subsidized property; actually there is a significant difference between these two types of property? Indonesia has a special policy that regulates property issues so that subsidized and non-subsidized . Then, what are the differences that can be observed from these two types of dwellings? You can find out through the following explanation.

Talk About Prices

You could say the price of property is the most striking difference between subsidized and non-subsidized housing. Subsidized housing, because it receives assistance from the government, of course the price will be much cheaper. If you take a KPR (Home Ownership Credit), subsidized housing even has a lower interest rate when compared to non-subsidized ones. Subsidized housing installments will also remain flat because some of the loan interest is guaranteed by the government.

Talk about size or type of house

The difference between subsidized and non-subsidized housing can also be seen from the size or type of housing. Generally, subsidized houses have a maximum area of ​​36 m2 (type 36). Meanwhile, non-subsidized houses can be larger than or equal to 36 m2 (type 36). In terms of size, this type of house is actually ideal for young couples, because later you don’t have to bother cleaning the house in the midst of busy activities, and if needed there is still plenty of room to build in the future if you have children.

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Talk About facilities provided

Basically, the facilities provided for both types of houses are almost the same. Both non-subsidized and subsidized housing provide bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms commonly found in homes. However, due to space limitations, usually the number of rooms in subsidized housing is limited. There is no need to worry about the quality of the subsidized houses, because everything has been determined and follows the standards set by the government.

Talk About Location

When compared, the location of subsidized and non-subsidized housing is usually very striking. Many non-subsidized houses are strategically located, even in the city center. From public facilities it is very close so it is very easy. Now many subsidized houses are starting to emerge which are projected as part of an independent city. By becoming part of an independent city, subsidized houses can still have the same facilities as non-subsidized houses. So, for those who want cheap housing but still have the best facilities, choose subsidized housing in the new cities that are being developed.

Talk About renovation

The difference between subsidized and non-subsidized housing can also be seen from the renovations. Non-subsidized houses can be renovated at any time and in any way by the owner. In this way, the selling price of the house can go up. Meanwhile, subsidized houses usually have to wait two years to be renovated. During the first two years, subsidized housing voters may not change the physical form of the house in the slightest. With the existence of housing policies, currently the types of houses can be divided into subsidized houses and non-subsidized houses. The difference can be seen in the explanation above.

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