April 2, 2023
Property business and investment in 2022 is expected to continue to experience growth, because demand is still quite high. Well, for property/housing business people who have been in the world of property for a long time, of course they already know very well about this opportunity.

We all know that market demand, especially for tourist areas such as Lombok and Bali, has increased quite significantly from year to year. The increasing amount of market demand, of course, will bring big profits for property investors.

Talking about profits, what are the real benefits of doing business and investing poperty? The following are 10 business and property investment benefits that we adapt from the Investment Juragan culture:

1. The value of ownership of property will increase.

Property investment ownership will increase with the concept of debt repayments that reduce liability.

2. We can use other people's money to finance investments.

This opportunity can be realized in the form of leverage financing as well, leverage is the ability to multiply something.

3. Can generate passive income.

Passive income is income earned without having to work. This can be done by renting or contracting. For a big city like Jakarta, currently the business opportunities for buying and selling apartments and renting apartments are also very large.

4. Have the opportunity to build bigger buildings.

After the debt has been paid off and we have gotten more money, then we can build a bigger building.

5. Property prices tend to rise over time.

Even if the location of the property is strategic, the value can be multiplied if it is resold.

6. Can buy property by credit.

Buying a property doesn't always have to be in cash, but can be done in installments. We can take advantage of offers from mortgages to buy houses/buildings. And how to buy a house with a mortgage is the most popular way today. Because of the many conveniences offered.

7. Inflation does not affect property values.

Inflation that occurs will not reduce property values, so investment in property is safer.

8. Profits from capital gains and cash flow.

Capital gain, which is the difference between the price when we sell and when we buy, while cashflow is the income generated by these assets.

9. Renovating will increase the value of the property.

Try renovating your property because it will make the property look nicer and increase its value.

10. Don't spend a lot of time.

Having a rented house or boarding house or even an apartment, we will still receive rent fees even though we are away. We don't always have to control it.

Actually there are many more benefits that we can get by investing in property. Then make the right strategy for marketing the properties that we have so that many people are interested.

With benefits like that, there is nothing wrong for us to take advantage of this business opportunity. We don't have to immediately become a big property agent, just do what we can. As described in point 4, property business and investment can provide an opportunity for us to build something even bigger, even though at first we only have a small capital. So what are you waiting for, from now on if there is information on houses for sale or land for sale, especially those for sale at low prices, get ready to invest right away.

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