April 2, 2023

There are many sites that you can access to get property recommendations with the best price offers. Of course, with this property website, you don’t have to visit the loaction you want one by one. Simply by sending a message or calling the contact person listed, complete detailed information can be obtained. If you already feel fit, you will visit directly to the location. This is Top Recommended Indonesian Property Sites

1. Trovit

Basically, Trovit is an ad search aggregator in Indonesia. This site is able to collect all property classified ads that come from other sites. The home search process can be done from just one site. You can even do a search by property type to where the property is located. This Spanish startup also provides search in Indonesian for its users throughout the country.

2. Lamudi Indonesia

Since it was first introduced to the public in 2014, Lamudi Indonesia is still one of the most visited house buying and selling websites. This is supported by a filter feature that allows you to search properties more easily based on price, city, and available facilities. So, you don’t need to check the list of properties offered on the Lamudi Indonesia website one by one.

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3. Rumah.com

Rumah.com was the pioneer who first provided home buying and selling services. Through this site, you can also share information with property hunters through discussion forums. Currently, apart from accessing it via a PC browser, Rumah.com is also available in the form of a mobile application. This some lists of recommendations for property sites that you can access. Searching for a cheap property is not an easy thing.

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