April 2, 2023
Looking for a business opportunity in Indonesia is tricky. It's easy if we already know what the potential target market is and there are still few competitors in that field. It's difficult if we want to chase business trends that are full of competition. So what is actually suitable to do? The answer goes back to the prospective businessman himself. There are several tips that can be used as a measure of whether a business is suitable or vice versa. Here are the tips:

1. Capital

Everyone's capital is very relative when they first get into a business. For those with large capital, of course, choosing the type of business has more choices and fields that can be seen. It's just a matter of taste, which one is more suitable. Whereas for those who have a mediocre income, the choices available are not too many but they are still there and have potential income that is worth working on.

Business with small capital is not a trivial business. And for anyone who is currently running this business, hard work and sincerity is the biggest capital. The hard work to build it was even so hard, many couldn't stand it. The obstacles and obstacles faced are no less than businesses with large capital. Usually a small capital business like this is a typical asset building business, an example is gold. The results cannot be picked up in a short time but DEFINITELY show the results after some time the investment has developed.

2. Time

The freedom of time and the little time you have to do every business in between routine activities is something to be reckoned with. Although there are those who say to extremes to take early retirement or resign from office for self-employment. In my personal opinion, having sufficient income from the side will actually make the work currently being done very comfortable to keep occupied. The certainty and stability of life that has been felt will create peace of mind.

3. BEP

Certainty of return on investment within a certain period of time is commonplace and is a requirement to attract investors or to obtain additional funds from the bank. As soon as possible. Usually BEP occurs within a span of months. There are those who have BEP for 6 months, there are those who are 12 months and various types. One example of a business that offers something like this is a franchise. Each franchise always gives an estimate of how long investors will get BEP when they decide to join there. So make sure to know the BEP time when you are going to do business and after that continue to provide "enough" income.

4. Continuity

Business continuity for a long period of time is very important. For a business like a franchise, they offer an initial contract of around 5 years. Meanwhile, if you open your own business, ensuring the continuity of the business means ensuring that the product is well received by consumers and that means continuous innovation.

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