April 2, 2023
A business proposal is one of the important things to be able to get investors to finance the business being carried out. Some things that can be done to make the proposal a success include:

1. Short and clear writing language
Describe the words in the business proposal in a language that is easy to understand and clear. Avoid using terms and abbreviations. Using EYD is the best. By using clear language, the aims and objectives will be legible and become a factor that can help the success of the project being planned.

2. Clear Description

Make clear and clear descriptions of what will be done, details of costs, implementation timelines, marketing strategies, organizational structures, etc

3. Show Yourself

Written language shows who we really are. Use polite, honest and not exaggerated language. A good objective assessment will emerge after reading the description which is conveyed in polite language. Thus the level of trust will be higher.

4. Not Exaggerated

Avoid writing convoluted, unclear, ambiguous language that contains racial elements.

 5. Indicate the Benefits They Will Get

Demonstrate through your proposal that “there is a money”. Show that what will be done has been analyzed and has a commensurate return or income. And provide guarantees that what investors have donated will be returned according to the promised maturity date.

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