April 2, 2023

Many cluster property is now affordable, but not everyone is financially ready to buy a property. Relax, you can still buy a property by borrowing from a bank. What are the loans from the bank to be able to buy a property? Check out how!

How to buy a house with a bank loan via mortgage

Borrowing through a bank to buy a house is officially called a Home Ownership Credit or KPR. The guarantee itself is the house that we will buy. However, if you plan to move house and apply for a mortgage, then the mortgage taken is a multipurpose mortgage with a previous home guarantee.

The mortgage method itself makes it easier for you to repay the house. Initially, you will be asked to pay a DP with a predetermined amount. Then, installment payments will be agreed upon for several years. Note, the greater the DP, the smaller and shorter the repayment of the mortgage itself. Even though mortgages are used as a way to buy a house with the most common bank loans, bank loans through mortgages also have a negative side.

First, you must be prepared for the house to be confiscated by the bank if you cannot pay the mortgage repayments. On the other hand, the price of a house paid in installments is usually more expensive than the usual price. This is due to the interest that must be paid for each monthly installment payment.

How to buy a house with a bank loan via KTA

Apart from mortgages, there are also unsecured loans or KTA. If the mortgage guarantee is the house to be purchased, the KTA does not require assets as collateral. Even without collateral, the decision to grant credit is based on the personal history of the credit applicant. This does not mean you have full power. You are still bound by law to repay the agreed loan.

If KPR is mostly used to buy cluster house types, KTA loans are free to determine their own materials and house designs. You have the right to choose to determine higher quality materials for your home. However, the initial costs are clearly greater. To use the method of buying a house with a KTA-type bank loan, you must go to the bank to ask for the necessary documents.

The advantage of KTA itself does not take a long time, only about 1-2 weeks. The interest rate itself is also the effective interest rate and the type of flat or flat interest.

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Can you borrow money from a bank to buy a house?

Borrowing money from a bank to finance home ownership is generally referred to as a KPR (House Ownership Credit). This process itself makes the house we are going to buy a guarantee. But if you plan to move from an old house to a new house by applying for a mortgage, then the mortgage used is a multipurpose mortgage by making the old house the collateral or collateral.

How do you get a home loan through a bank?

Find Homes to Buy on Credit. Ask Everything Regarding The House. Paying Tokens. Pay mortgage advances. Submit a mortgage to the bank. Next, after the down payment is paid, you must apply for a mortgage loan from the bank that is in accordance with your choice.

Can you get a home loan without a payslip?

Now Freelancers or Freelancers can breathe a sigh of relief because of PT BTN (Persero) Tbk. They have updated their policy regarding the mortgage financing system for freelancers who can be submitted without including their payslips.

How long does the appraisal process take to the bank?

The Appraisal process usually takes about 1 month, so you have to be patient to wait until the process is complete. The costs incurred during the appraisal process are not free, everything will be charged to you.

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