April 2, 2023

Property investment is still a promising investment. One of them is due to the availability of land. The amount of available land on earth is limited, while humans continue to increase in number. Land and property prices will eventually increase. With considerations like this, it’s not surprising that many choose to invest in property.

However, you cannot just invest in property carelessly. There are several rules that must be obeyed so that the return on investment can be large. The main rule that must be obeyed is about the location. A good property must at least meet the four location criteria as below.

Have good access to the Capital City

Try to choose a location that has access to the city center. A location close to the city center will attract more people to buy your property. They must have considered that the closer to the city center, the easier and more cost-effective mobility becomes.

Good access to the city center does not have to mean that the location is right around the city center. You can choose a location that is connected to the city center through infrastructure such as toll roads. Especially now that Indonesia is also starting to develop residential areas with the concept of Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Properties in this area can be considered because they are connected to the city center through transportation.

Invest in property at sunrise property

You may judge that a successful property investment can only be made on properties in established areas. Even though there is nothing wrong with investing in a newly developed location or more commonly known as a sunrise property. Properties included in the sunrise category are not just properties that have just been developed, but are also properties with high economic potential. An example is property developed in satellite cities of Jakarta such as Tangerang.

If you observe the movement of people working in the capital city, there has started to be a shift from living in Jakarta to living in satellite city areas. In 2017 alone, it was recorded that 30% of Jakarta workers lived in satellite cities. Departing from this fact, it would not hurt to consider property investment in a satellite city.

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Close to major infrastructure

One of the selling points of the property is the ease of access to major infrastructure. Properties that are close to major infrastructure such as toll roads or airports are generally in greater demand. For that, it’s a good idea to choose a property that is close to the main infrastructure in Indonesia

You can also target locations that are close to government infrastructure development projects. Moreover, the location is a priority for government development. Around Jakarta, locations like this can be found in the Maja area, west of Jakarta.

This last point is arguably the most important criterion in choosing a location for property investment. By choosing a location that is at an influx, the property will have a higher resale value.

Inflows here are defined as areas that are demographically human destinations. Human movement tends to approach the area rather than away from it. Usually this area is one lane with an industrial area or is between the port and the city center.

Those are some of the criteria that must be met by a property investment location. If a property is able to meet these four criteria, it is certain that the return given will also be high.

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