April 2, 2023

Focus Features Starting from a series themed on the life of royalty, to the lives of ordinary British people.

Our entry to a varied quality international collection has now been accommodated by Netflix. The English collection is probably one of the hottest on this streaming platform. Starting from teen dramas, which would possibly be really Gen-Z, to dramas set within the lives of nobles, who’ve become the primary image of this prosperous country in Europe.

From “The Crown” to “Sex Education”, to legal genres similar to “Sherlock” and “Peaky Blinders”, are also included in this platform’s catalog. For us followers of British things, listed below are the recommendations for one of the best British series that we will discover on Netflix.




The IT crowd

“The IT Crowd” is a British sitcom drama set in a small IT firm in London. The story focuses on three IT help workers who are isolated in an organization basement with a messy workplace. A stark contrast to the Reynholm Industries section on its majestic and trendy floor.

Like series like “The Office,” “The IT Crowd” presents each comedy episode around the problems confronted by characters with diverse personalities in a problematic work setting.

One of Best British Series on Netflix

Criminals: UK

For us followers of crime dramas with compelling instances and investigative sequences, “Criminal: UK” is the most effective drama that’s quite underrated on Netflix, but it’s a disgrace to miss it. I

n contrast to crime dramas in general, which are filled with action, “Criminal” focuses extra on the investigation course of a particular group of police.

Each episode has a special case, witness, and suspect. But the team and location remain the same. As a sequence with a really minimalistic design, “Criminal” has great energy within the scriptwriting and acting of each actor.

One of Best British Series on Netflix

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After Life

“After Life” is the best British slice-of-life drama ever written by comedian Ricky Gervais. Set within the fictional city of Tambury, the story centers on Tony Johnson, who has just misplaced his wife, Lisa. Tony can’t just accept the harsh truth, so he turns into a rude person who doesn’t mind telling everyone in Tambury his honest thoughts and criticisms.

Besides being robust with comedic elements, “After Life” additionally contains meaningful lessons about life, particularly in instances of mourning and how to try to move on with life even with deep unhappiness. “After Life” has finished its third season, which is the last season.

One of Best British Series on Netflix

Derry Girls

Set in Derry, Northern Ireland, we follow the high school lives of a bunch of teenage girls at a Catholic non-public school in the 90s.

Despite being surrounded by a life setting within the midst of an army conflict, “Derry Girls” is a teenage collection with an entertaining dark comedy genre.

It’s always interesting to see how teenagers from other countries behave through slice-of-life dramas like “Skins,” which was in style in the 2000s. Then, combined with a British sense of humor that has its own signature.

One of Best British Series on Netflix

The End of the F World

“The End of the F World” could probably be a British series teen drama with an American flavor. This mix of flavors gave start to a sequence with a coming of age scenario in a novel thriller comedy style. The story focuses on James and Alyssa, two teenagers who are dissatisfied with their lives.

Alyssa needs to run away from the house. James believes he is a psychopath who is in a position to kill people. James also thought that following Alyssa’s invitation to find her father could presumably be the proper killing opportunity. The two of them go on an unforgettable journey with all the chaos and sweet moments that unite them both.

One of Best British Series on Netflix

Downton Abbey

There are plenty of British series set in historical or period dramas available on Netflix, but not a couple of them are mediocre. One of the series with a sequence of seasons that we should watch is “Downton Abbey”. Released for its first season in 2010, the sequence with the theme of aristocratic household life has had 6 seasons for us to binge on.

Based on the novel of the same name, “Downton Abbey” centers on the story of a wealthy family, the Crawleys. After the tragedy of the Titanic left Lord Grantham without a successor, each Crawley household noticed the opportunity to take over the wealth left behind.

One of Best British Series on Netflix


For followers of period romance dramas, “Bridgerton” has a thrilling first season to look at. The story facilities on the story of the Bridgerton household, a household with a big name and identified for having lovely children to make one of the best brides-to-be. With a few modifications to trendy references, “Bridgerton” turns into a vibrant and more varied historic hybrid drama.

In the first season, the story revolves around the love affair that exists between Daphne and Simon. “Bridgerton” Season 2 is now out there on Netflix. Who are the Bridgerton children who will soon be following in Daphne’s footsteps?

One of Best British Series on Netflix

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