April 2, 2023

Anime is known for its sensible appearance and expressions, intense characters, and background stories. Anime is unquestionably one of the elements that keeps Japanese tradition and history alive today in a rapidly changing world.

Despite fierce competition, anime remains a favorite among children and adults alike. Anime has captivated millions of eyes, fascinating them through the story and intricacies of anime.

Anime is available in varied genres, from drama, comedy, fantasy, and romance to slice of life. If you are a novice anime viewer, the primary genres you’ll encounter are normally action and romance. But sad and tragic anime is a tricky part of anime.

This unhappy anime can provide a deeper insight into their culture and into general human habits or Japanese society itself. The following is a list of the saddest anime ever made, which is very tearful. You can watch some of these anime on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.



List of Sad Animes Worth Watching

1. Kimi no Nawa

Kimi No Nawa, or more generally known as Your Name, is likely considered one of the most popular anime movies. This film presents the viewers with a visible enjoyment of outstanding character art and design.

The total running time of this movie is about 1 hour and forty-six minutes. This film combines elements of romance, fantasy, and the modern world. The protagonist is sort of attention-grabbing and relatable enough to keep the viewers curious about the storyline of this movie.

Mitsuha Miyamizu is the female protagonist of this anime. She lives in rural Japan and conducts research at a high school there. She has always wanted to experience one thing she would not have, which is life in an enormous metropolis like Tokyo.

He dreams of dwelling as a boy in a busy metropolis, which is the exact opposite of his life in this village. Taki Tachibana is the male protagonist of this anime movie. Taki is a person who has a life revolved around Mitsuha. He is a busy high school boy with part-time work.

One day, Mitsuha wakes up and finds that she is in the body of a boy in the metropolis of Tokyo. It appeared that Mitsuha’s dream had come true then. Meanwhile, Taki wakes up and realizes that he is residing in the body of a rural woman.

Both are confused, and so they want to find out more about this mysterious phenomenon.

Talking about desires, this book entitled anime Club may be a fascinating read. The reason is, that this guide does not only inform the story of anime membership members who only dwell in the world of anime and play around. Anime Club tells us about how they made their dreams come true.

One of Best Sad Anime Movies You Should Watch

2. Colorful

Colorful is an anime movie that is two hours and seven minutes long. This film is a supernatural kind of movie that can make you emotional and change your coronary heart. This is a movie about self-realization and second chances.

The colorful movie tells the story of a boy who’s desperate and tries to finish his life by taking plenty of pills. However, when he arrived in the afterlife, this man named Makoto was given a problem by a youngster named Pura Pura.

Makoto is challenged to appropriate his errors so long as he lives, and Pura Pura will be his guide while on earth. Makoto initially lived an odd life, neither happy nor sad. However, over time, he began to benefit from the little things that might make his life more colorful.

This film seems to aim to tell the viewers that ending one’s life isn’t the best way out. However, we should always try to get pleasure from life and respect the little issues in order to make more sense of life.

One of Best Sad Anime Movies You Should Watch

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3. A Silent Voice”

A Silent Voice is a Japanese animated drama movie produced by Kyoto Animation and directed by Naoko Yamada. The film relies on the manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Ima.

A Silent Voice tells the story of excessive school student Shoya Ishida’s meaning to commit suicide. He modifies his mind at the last minute and decides to end it. A flashback tells of Shoya as a sixth grader in elementary school, where a new scholar named Shoko Nishimiya joins Shoya’s class and seems to be deaf.

Shoko tries to adapt to the class, but ends up turning into a simple target for Shoya and his pals to bully. The lecturers weren’t just silent; they punished Shoya for the bullying. Because of this, Shoya blames Shoko, and the two get right into a physical fight.

Shoko is then transferred to another faculty and Shoya finds the pocket book Shoko left and keeps it. Because Shoya once bullied a deaf woman in his youth, Shoya, who’s now a sufferer, must find a way to make amends for his errors.

As he tries to search for it, it becomes the most heart-wrenching depiction of redemption and forgiveness we have ever seen in an anime. Shoyo’s character could be very realistic and certainly lots in real life, so it could feel like a real person.

One of Best Sad Anime Movies You Should Watch

4. Grave of the Fireflies

This story takes us back to 1945, after Japan surrendered at the end of World War II. The movie unravels with flashbacks, leading directly to the start of the story, where Seita dies alone on the preparation station.

The movie tells the story of Seita and Setsuko, two siblings, whose mom was killed by burns suffered in the course of the American bombing, and the father who labored in the navy, struggling to provide for their family.

The Grave of the Fireflies is a tragic story when the love and primary wants of youngsters are usually not met. This film, produced by Studio Ghibli, reveals the horrors of warfare and how it affects the citizens of a rural area. This is a really well-directed film. At the end of the story, this movie will make you cry since you see the atrocities of war.

Studio Ghibli is known for its superb animated films. For those of you who wish to attempt making movies, it never hurts to start out with an easier means. Using a smartphone alone can make a slick movie.

The e-book below will explain the way to make a movie, what equipment is required, and other details. This book will explain step by step and is accompanied by interesting illustrations so that learning to make films isn’t boring.

One of Best Sad Anime Movies You Should Watch

5. Mirai no Mirai

Mirai no Mirai is a beautiful anime movie that deals with fantasy, adventure, and drama. Maybe at the beginning of the movie, many individuals thought that this was a strange anime movie that told a family story.

Like other fantasy anime, Mirai no Mirai is a visual treat for all ages. The character design is also fairly slick, plus the main protagonist’s visuals are very cute. If you’ve got a youthful brother or sister, then you’ll be able to invite them to look at this film together.

Although the film is kind of fun to look at and has a cheerful element, it can unexpectedly make you unhappy. This is what distinguishes Mirai no Mirai from other films in that it tells a family story from the perspective of children. Everyone favored him a lot, and he acquired a lot of love from his family.

But all this changed when his youthful sister was born. The household named the baby Mirai,  implies a future. At first, Kun favored the fact that he now had a youthful sister.

But recently, Kun feels that his world has been shattered with the birth of his younger brother. As a result, now it is his sister who’s the focal point and never him. Everyone now seems to be showering their love on Mirai and Kun as they feel forgotten.

Kun slowly becomes jealous of his sister Mirai as his mother returns to work and his father begins working from home to take care of the family. One day, Kun went to the park, where he met a teenage lady who confessed that she was Mirai in the future.

Kun does not consider it at first, but the two of them together travel across time and space to be taught extra about their family. But the question remains: why did Mirai come from the future?

One of Best Sad Anime Movies You Should Watch

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6. Perfect Blue

“Perfect Blue” was a critically acclaimed movie. The film has won many awards, nominations, and acclaim. Perfect Blue showcases terror within the showbiz business. This 1 hour and 20 minute film is an anime adaptation of the novel “Perfect Blue: Kanzen Hentai” written by Japanese author Yoshikazu Takeuchi.

Before beginning to watch this film, please do not neglect that this anime film isn’t for kids as a result of it having lots of adult content and themes. Perfect Blue features scenes such as rape, nudity, and violence.

This movie is about Mira Kirigoe, a well-known pop singer and a member of the successful J-pop idol group CHAM!. But she determined she wished to be an actress and left the band.

But it is tough for him to get rid of the J-pop idol picture, and his performance has not been well received by the public. He began taking up more demanding roles, but it was still not quite profitable. Mira is haunted by obsessive fans who do not take Mira’s profession change frivolously and start stalking her.

Then an anonymous website appeared which started to detail each second of his life. This begins to have an effect on Mira as she slowly realizes that she is losing her sanity. At the end of the film, you will unknowingly shed tears.

Japan is indeed well-known for its thriller tales; the movie Perfect Blue, for example. In addition, there are also many different thriller tales that could be explored within the Japanese book World Ghost Stories.

7. Marnie no Omoide

Omoide no Marnie is a movie that tells a wonderful story about friendship and self-discovery. The art and music are pretty good in this anime. The plot just isn’t very original or new, but it’s still entertaining for anime connoisseurs.

It’s enjoyable to observe the main characters interact and try to live their lives to the fullest. This film is made by anime film giant Studio Ghibli, who has for a long time produced films with visuals and plots that are pleasing to the eye and soul.

Omoide no Marnie tells the story of Anna Sasaki, a young woman who has an asthma attack. She lives with her adoptive dad and mom and does not socialize and tries to close down.

Worried about her health, her dad and mom consulted a physician who suggested they ship Anna to the countryside because of an easy lifestyle that might change her mood.

In addition, the clean air there should be better for the health of the lungs. There, Anna spent most of her time drawing. In the village, he finds an empty house referred to as Marsh House.

He just discovered that a girl named Marnie lives there. He and Marnie eventually become friends, and Marnie’s cheerful demeanor helps dispel Anna’s quiet character.

But who’s Marnie? Will Anna like the truth that lies behind this mysterious lady and the Marsh House? One thing is for sure, he’ll never forget the summer time he spent with Marnie.

One of Best Sad Anime Movies You Should Watch

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