April 2, 2023
Ubisoft announced the latest Rainbow Six Extraction event, Nightmare Fog, which is valid from today until June 2nd. This limited event will test the abilities of the Operators when acting in the midst of the toxic fog that has entered the Containment Zone.
The New Enemy Appears
This update also adds a new enemy that is no less dangerous, namely Protean Vigil, an Archaean variant that has the ability to imitate the behavior of Operators. In addition, from now on players can get additional XP to upgrade their Operators by 10 levels with the new Prestige System.
Trapped in the Nightmare Fog's Poisonous Fog!
When players enter the Containment Zone, they will be exposed to a mist that will increase their Neurotoxin level. After exposure to this poison reaches a certain level, it will create Psychedelic Effects for the Operators, among which the character will experience hallucinations, visual disturbances, and inflict damage if his condition worsens.
To treat the poison, players can find supplies of Neurostim that can reduce the portion of Neurotoxin Operator levels. Unfortunately, the number of antidotes for this poison is limited in each Sub-map. So the players must adapt and make the right strategy to overcome this dangerous situation.
Along with the release of Nightmare Fog, players can also find a lot of interesting content, such as:
Ten new Prestige progression levels
Protean Vigil's new enemy
REACT Rush Pistol
Five recent Crisis Studies
Themed Charms for players to save
Extra XP to add Milestone Progression
Nightmare Fog is the latest update added to the Rainbow Six Extraction game. You can get this game via Game Pass on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Windows PC, as well as PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Ubisoft Store, and the Epic Games Store.
Ready to be an Operator in the midst of toxic fog in this Nightmare Fog update? Come on, play the game right now!

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