April 2, 2023
Even 10 years since the release of the last episode Ichigo won against Ginjo at the Fullbring Arc, Bleach at the end of last year released a trailer with super gokil animation quality for the latest season which is also the Final Arc with the name Thousand-Year Blood War Arc in October 2022.
As a loyal audience and reader of Bleach since elementary school until now, I am very excited about the next animated arc, especially if the trailer is in accordance with the reality of the anime, for me Bleach will be one of the anime with the best pictures of all time.
In this trailer, we will hear a remixed version of one of Bleach's legendary songs "Number One" with some very familiar character scenes such as the Gotei 13 Captains, Ichigo with his new sword, and also some lower-class hollows.
Unohana's expression that's different from usual
But here what's interesting for me is how Unohana, who usually only heals injured shinigami from war or you could say just a healer with her calm expression changing 180 degrees in one scene in the trailer and in my opinion, her expression is even more frightening than Kenpachi!
Maybe those who have read the manga to the end will just smile looking at the photo above, but if you are not a Bleach manga reader or have never seen spoilers or anything about this final arc, believe me this will be a plot twist which I think is very good and very interesting to enjoy.
As someone who has read the manga to the end, I'm actually a bit disappointed with the anti-climax ending in the manga, and can only advise you to keep the expectations low.
Bleach: Thousand Year Blood Arc only sells pictures?
One of the scenes of Kuchiki Byakuya with shikai Senbonzakura in the trailer
Apart from that, with the continuation of this story, I am still very excited as a big Bleach fan and still want to watch it if the picture quality is really as good as the one in the trailer. But I also have hope that in the anime version there will be a few tweaks to improve the whole story and the ending, so that all of us, whether we've read the manga or not, will be able to enjoy the crazy animation with the hilarious story, not just nostalgia and cure our longing. just the anime.

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