April 2, 2023

Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia digs deeper into the vast LEGO® universe to bring LEGO Brawls, a family-friendly brawling video game, to console owners around the world. The first lightweight game for the LEGO game franchise, players take control of a customizable minifigure into multiplayer combat, in a LEGO-inspired setting. Developed by Red Games Co., LEGO Brawls will be released on Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch in late Summer 2022.

Diverse Character Customization

True to the LEGO style, LEGO Brawls gives its players many customization options, namely mix and match official LEGO blocks to create a unique fighter minifigure, complete with equipment and power-ups that can be adapted to each player’s preferences and play style. Each player can take advantage of anything on the battlefield, from baguette buns and pie cannons, to boomboxes and rocket punches. With lots of multiplayer play modes, some unique challenges, and conditions for winning matches, your whole family can join in on this fun brawling game.

Lively and Fun Multiplayer Mode

LEGO Brawls players can compete with friends or family for the local hero or challenge themselves further in online matches, for the top ranking worldwide. The multiplayer mode in the game allows for local play for up to eight players on the Nintendo Switch, and four players on the Playstation.

As for the online mode, there are matches for a total of eight players, played in co-op between two to four players in one team. No need to worry about customization, LEGO themes and sets are available in a wide variety to choose from, making this game a must-play for LEGO fans of all ages.

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