April 2, 2023
Xbox Game Studios is holding a Publisher's Sale by giving discounts on some of the games it publishes.
Here are some recommended games that you can buy via Steam, and you can play while waiting for your meal!
7. Zoo Tycoon: The Best Collection of Animals

Release: September 14, 2018
Genre: Simulation, Sandbox
Developer : Blue Fang Games, THQ
Price: IDR 43,599 (60% discount from IDR 108,999 until April 15)
Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection is a zoo building simulation game developed by Blue Fang Games and THQ. In this game you can choose one of the four modes offered, namely Training, Campaign, Sandbox, and Challenge Mode. For those of you who want to relax casually, this game can be the right choice
6. Sunset Overdrive

Release: September 14, 2018
Genre: Action Game, Open World, Third Person Shooter
Developer : Insomnia Games, Blind Squirrel Games
Price: IDR 35,000 (75% discount from IDR 140,000 until April 15)
Sunset Overdrive is an Action Third-Person Shooter (TPS) game developed by Insomniac Games and Blind Squirel Games. One of the Open World games with an ordinary concept, utilizing a unique and slightly insane setting, action and combat with the ability to grind like a skateboarder, and not supported by colorful graphics, this game can be an alternative for those of you who want the experience of playing TPS games. different than usual.
5. Quantum Rest

Release: September 29, 2016
Genre: Action, Story-Heavy
Developer : Drug Entertainment
Price: IDR 67,499 (75% discount from IDR 269,999 until April 15)
Quantum Break is a story-focused action game, or story-heavy, produced by Remedy Entertainment. Telling about the discoveries caused by physics experiments, some people have the power to manage time. If you are interested in similar games like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, or Detroit: Become Human, this game could be the right choice for you.
4. Gear 5

Release: September 14, 2018
Genre: Third Person Shooter
Developer : Coalition
Price: IDR 67,999 (60% discount from IDR 169 999 until April 15)
Gears 5, which was worked on by The Coalition, is arguably a game series that is already familiar to gamers. One of the TPS games that has a fairly high level of difficulty, even if you choose the lowest difficulty level. Suitable for those of you who like TPS games that are full of challenges and take a sci-fi theme, especially regarding alien extermination. Oh yes, there is also a bundle version that contains expansions and the Gears Tactics game which is no less exciting, you know!
3. Ori and the Blind Forest: The Definitive Edition

Release: April 27, 2016
Genre: Metroidvania Platform-Adventure
Developer : Moon Studios GmbH
Price: IDR 46,199 (57% discount from IDR 139,999 until April 15)
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition is an indie game made by Moon Studio that elevates the platformer genre Metroidvania (a sub-genre of action-adventure, inspired by the games Metroid and Castlevania), supported by a story, music, and very stunning graphics. For those of you who like to play platformer games with unique side-scrolling and combat perspectives, you can try this game while it's still on discount!
2. Age of Empires III: The Definitive Edition

Release: October 15, 2020
Genre: Real-Time Strategy (RTS)
Developer : Tantalus Media, The Forgotten Kingdom
Price: IDR 43,599 (60% discount from IDR 108,999 until April 15)
Age of Empires is one of the most popular RTS game series and will always have a place in the hearts of its fans. This sequel is set in the colonial era in America. In this game, you are asked to manage a country, from building buildings, collecting resources, to neighboring countries. Just like its predecessor, this Definitive version also adds several new features. These features include 2 playable Civilizations, 6 Historical Battle scenarios, and also Art of War. For fans of RTS games, especially the Age of Empires series, buy this game immediately before the fairy
1. Sea of ​​Thieves

Release: June 3, 2020
Genre: Adventure, Open World
Developer : Rare Ltd
Price: IDR 84,999 (50% discount from IDR 169,999 until April 15)
Want to be a Pirate like Luffy in the One Piece anime? This game could be the right choice for you! Yes, Sea of ​​Thieves is an open world adventure game that takes a pirate theme. Some of the things you can do in this game are explore the seas and islands, look for treasure through quests, fight other players and ghost ships, as well as other events that are no less interesting. This game should be played in multiplayer with your friends to make it even more exciting!
So, those are some game recommendations at the Publisher's Sale event held by Xbox Games Studio. Check the promo here to get discount information on other interesting games!

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