April 2, 2023

PlayStation has surprisingly softened a touch in regards to the exclusivity of their first-party games lately. One by one, the extraordinary games which may only be played on the PS4, are literally beginning to be loved on the PC.

While expecting the rumored God of War may even arrive on PC and Uncharted four and Uncharted: Lost Legacy which is confirmed to be launching on PC in early 2022, listed right here are 7 “former” PlayStation Exclusive Games that Release on PC

  1. Death Stranding

It didn’t take long for PlayStation to start working with Hideo Kojima after he left Konami a few years ago. One among probably the most talented recreation creators was given an enormous budget and inventive freedom to create a recreation with a singular expertise, particularly Death Stranding.

Initially being a game which will solely be played on PlayStation 4, it solely took but 12 months for Death Stranding to turn into available.

Kojima himself lately released Death Stranding Director’s Cut for PS5 and once you see how properly Death Stranding was received on PC, it isn’t unimaginable that a brand new model with better visuals and new content will also be launched to PC sometime.

  1. Heavy Rain

Despite the reality that David Cage’s games are typically frowned upon due to their very story-heavy strategy, it’s exhausting to not consider that virtually all of them are inherently attention-grabbing. one among the best is Heavy Rain which has its main selling points in its visuals and strategy in storytelling type.

Just like other Quantic Dream video games after Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain was first released completely on PS3 in 2010 before being finally relaunched for PlayStation 4 in 2016. it had been solely three years later in 2019, Heavy Rain PlayStation Exclusive Games that Release on PC

3. Days Gone

The petition signed by quite a hundred thirty thousand gamers asking PlayStation to offer the green light to the sequel to Days Gone, seems to be enough evidence of the popularity of the game directed by Bend Studio. Released solely for PlayStation 4 in 2019, Days Gone was liked by players and sold many copies.

Unfortunately, the sequel, which was initially consider to be made, has been confirmed to possess been cancelled. However, Sony purchased the frustration by bringing Days Gone to PC this 12 months. When it was launched for PlayStation 4, Days Gone was also well received and a billboard success.

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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn

Many contemplate Horizon Zero Dawn to be one among the best unique recreation for PS4 and that is smart, contemplating that for a replacement IP, the sport with the primary character Aloy succeeds in all respects. due to this great success, surprisingly, this game by Guerilla Games was finally made to be played on PC.

Guerilla itself has confirmed the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West and is planned for an unique launch on PS4 and PS5 in 2022. If it returns as profitable as its predecessor, it is not inconceivable that Horizon Forbidden West may also be launched to PC later.

  1. Nioh 2

The Nioh sequence from Team Ninja is among the best souls-like games ever made, offering a degree of issue that not just any gamer can beat. this is often also one of many explanation why the Nioh series can be very popular, no matter the excessive issue stage.

In order to be enjoyed by many gamers, the primary Nioh was even released on PC together with its release on PS4. As for the sequel, Nioh 2, it took some year to lastly be obtainable on PC after beforehand being exclusively available on PS4 solely.

  1. Beyond: Two Souls

Even although it doesn’t have as massive an impact as different Quantic Dream games, Beyond: Two Souls remains one of the best works by the French developer, which is liked by many players. This game stars several well-known actors almost like Elliot Page and William Dafore, and has top-of-the-line movement capture know-how within the PS3 era.

Beyond: Two Souls was initially launched exclusively for PlayStation 3 in 2013, before two years later coming to PS4. Then in 2019, the interactive drama recreation was released for PC, just one month after Heavy Rain was released on the same platform. Beyond Two Souls is PlayStation Exclusive Games that Release on PC

  1. Detroit: Become Human

Continuing the inspiration of the success of various earlier video games, Detroit: Become Human could additionally be one among the best sport designed by David Cage thus far.

This game seems fantastic when it involves visuals, has an fascinating story and offers interactive ranges and choices which can be difficult to match with other games.

Just like other Quantic Dream games, Detroit: Become Human began its “story” as a PlayStation unique recreation with a release on PS4 in 2018. However, it took 18 months for this game, which has now bought quite 6 million copies, , to interrupt out of exclusivity and launch to PC.

That was a review of a number of the former PlayStation Exclusive Games that Release on PC. Showing no indicators of stopping, Sony has additionally confirmed that Uncharted four: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy shall be coming to PC in early 2022.

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